Bureko 6x6 - 6.2 V8

NEW Bureko 6x6 6,2L V8 Bureko 6x6 6,2L V8 Limited edition ( 20 cars ) Interior Bureko 6x6 6,2L V8: ▪ Dual-zone air condition ▪ Leather seats with heating and cooling function ▪ 7.0-inch touch screen (GPS, Bluetooth, CarPlay, Wireless charging, Voice recognition, Aux, Steering wheel control,...,..) ▪ Heated steering wheel with car system control ▪ Electrically adjustable Pedals and Steering wheel ▪ BOSE Premium sound system ▪ Sunroof ▪ Rear Parking camera ▪ 12V DC power outlet 4x, 110V power outlet 2x ▪ Illuminated entry, Parking assist, Remote keyless entry, Panic alarm ▪ Lane departure warning, Low tire pressure warning ▪ Control bar: 6x6 drive system, LED bar lights, Air suspension control, Winch control, Towing mode ▪ More,... Exterior Bureko 6x6 6,2L V8: ▪ Engine: 6,2L V8 - 420 HP / 620 Nm ▪ Line-X undercarriage and cargo protection coating ▪ LED roof bar 2x (Rigid Industries) ▪ Electic towing winch ▪ Towing capacity 3 500 kg (EU) ▪ Premium Air Suspension system (Air Lift Performance) ▪ Exhaust system (Magnaflow) ▪ Full-size Spare Tire 2x ▪ Tires 35" R20 General (Heavy Duty) ▪ Removable car wraps/stickers ( US66 / Buggyra Dakar Racing ) ▪ More,... Specifications Bureko 6x6 6,2L V8: ▪ Bureko 6x6 technology is based on the US Chevy Silverado 2018 (1 LTZ, Crew cab) ▪ Weight: 2 760 kg (EU driving category "B") ▪ EU homologations ▪ German Registration Certificate ▪ Off-road special edition

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